EroSS-Volume 9- Index

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A quick note: In the near future, there is another brocon imouto coming in the anime “Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai“. I have read the light novel, and the imouto is super cute to watch. I highly recommend it to any siscon might be reading 🙂

Some enjoyable scene in this chapter:


Sagiri continued talking:

“Masamune…this time…can you…can you listen to my most important request?”

“Go ahead, anything is fine!”

There is no way I could say no to her

As soon as I say that, Sagiri told me her “request”

“Since you are my boyfriend now, cut off your relationships with other girls.”


“Actually, I have something very important to talk about with Elf and Muramasa-senpai —” I poke my head into the kitchen, and said.

“Yes, Masamune-kun.”

Muramasa-senpai turned back to me, still holding a knife and wearing an apron.

The knife gleamed in the light.


“I want to do something like what husbands and wives do.”



EroSS-Volume 9-Chapter 1


EroSS-Volume 8- Index

Chapter 1

Sorry for the delay, but there is no chapter one yet. It’s being proofchecked at the moment, so I hope it can be done soon. The reason for this delay is partly because of my work (training and stuff) and partly because of Nier:Automata. It was such a wonderful game. Please bear with me a few more days, guy.

On the other hand, please take this sneak peek of chapter 1. And I really think that the author should go full incest too, this time.


Izumi Masamune:

“In light novel, it’s pretty usual for blood-related brother and sister to fall in love with each other.”

Izumi Kyouka:

“I, I’m not in love with my elder brother!”

Izumi Masamune:

o_O “I never said that”


My head was firmly held between Kyouka-san’s breast. She put her arms over my back and held me in place.

“….Nii-san……” She was whispering gently.

Old man! Old man!!! What kind of relationship you got with your own little sister!!!

Chapter 2 is here everyone! It took longer than expected, thank you all for you patient!

EroSS-Volume 8-Chapter 1

EroSS-Volume 8-Chapter 2

EroSS-Volume 8-Chapter 3

EroSS-Volume 8-Afterword



EroSS-Volume 7- Index

Volume 7 will be posted here in the future

Chapter 1 is done. Check it out here

EroSS-Volume 7-Chapter 1

Special thanks to Dubious Maximus, Daniel Mendoza and Buse İpek 

EroSS-Volume 7-Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is done, thanks to Dubious

Btw, I doubt any of you could remember the “Neo Tiger” shoot, but seeing such an old reference really brought back memories. I was like, 6-7 at that time I read Captain Tsubasa :3

Eromanga-sensei – Volume 7 Chapter 3

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It’s great seeing Kyouka tearing into Makina this chapter. I mean, sure, maybe she got her reason. But that is not an excuse for that work attitude.
On another unrelated note, is there anyone shipping Kyouka and Masamune? Somehow, I think the author was toying with that idea, haha. Why not stopping at brother and sister? Hey, might go all the way too!
Btw, there is a nice rom-com anime this season which I’d like to introduce: Imouto sae ireba ii – from the same author of Hanagai. I have blacklisted him after Haganai’s ending, but this series is (for now) a gold mine. Give it a try if you got some free time to kill, haha


EroSS-Volume 7-Chapter 4

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Anyway, here is a “interesting bit” for you all to see. Read and enjoy. Thank you


Like an elder teaching her children, Megumi raised a finger:

“Listen carefully….I think both of you probably don’t know….but when a boy is trying his best to suppress his manly urges…”

“When a boy is trying his best to suppress?” *2

“His balls will not explode.”


EroSS-Volume 7 – Afterword

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EroSS-Volume 6- Index

First thing first – I apologize for the delay. This chapter was done nearly a month ago, but proofchecking took longer than expected. Well, without anymore waiting, here come the first chapter of volume 6.

PS: I can honestly said I’m impressived with Kyouka’s effort in this chapter. Spoil your brother’s kid is one thing, went as far as she did is another.

Chapter 1 EroSS-Volume 6 Chapter 1

Chapter 2 EroSS-Volume 6 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is here everyone. Thank you all for your patient

Btw: the word on Masamune’s forehead read “Shisukon.” Three guess what does that mean :))


Chapter 3 EroSS-Volume 6-Chapter 3

Sorry for the delay. It took longer than expected, partly because last month was so busy for me (and partly because I finally got Persona 5), but here is chapter 3. I’m sure that you guys already knew, but the anime of Eromanga-sensei is already out, and Elf is awesome – in my opinion, even better than the imouto this time . This chapter is solely focus on her, so enjoy it to your heart’s content.


Chapter 4 EroSS-Volume 6-Chapter 4

Here is the Epilogue and the Afterwords

EroSS-Volume 6-Epilogue

EroSS-Volume 6-Afterword

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And lastly, the next volume will be delayed a bit. The sad truth is my current volume 7 rar is corrupted beyond repair, so I’m stuck without a Japanese source. I’m trying to reach someone online to see if I could get it again (without success till now). If there is anyone who have this raw, I’d ask to have a copy, thank you very much!