EroSS-Volume 5 Chapter 1

EroSS-Volume 5 Chapter 2

EroSS-Volume 5 Chapter 3

EroSS-Volume 5 Chapter 3.5

EroSS-Volume 5 Chapter 4

EroSS-Volume 5 Chapter 5

EroSS-Volume 5 Afterword


16 thoughts on “EroSS-Volume 5 Index

  1. Hey i found some mistakes i would like you to correct, i don’t know if everything i found was mistakes or not, mostly is some space bar problems that you didn’t see or did it in rush or/and because you were to tired.

    Chapter 4 :
    extendyour > extend your

    butSagiri > but Sagiri

    Sagirihesitated > Sagiri Hesitated

    thing over > things over

    Sagiriwill > Sagiri will

    toSagiri > to Sagiri

    SenjyuMaramasa = I am not so sure about that if it is a mistake or not but check it out if you want.

    looklike > look like

    friednsare > friends are

    studiesare > studies are

    it’sSagiri’s > its Sagiri’s

    revealingSagiri > revealing Sagiri

    pattedSagiri’s > patted Sagiri’s

    doidn’t > didn’t

    toldkyouka-san > told kyouka-san

    forcedSagiri > forced Sagiri

    ofme > of me

    Chapter 5/Epilogue:
    you’vealways > you’ve always

    But not only is us = about this one i thing if you make the is to on is going to make more sense at least for me but you know better.

    novelscan > novels can

    fansare > fans are

    towardseveryone > towards everyone

    soundedlike > sounded like

    answeredsaying > answered saying / not so sure about this one.

    This is all.

    Sorry if i make you angry about my behavior.


  2. Greetings, i’m a reader who found his way to this place after seeing half the episodes of the magan (figured i could give it a shot, seems interesting). I’d like to point out a few mistakes i saw during chapter 1, let’s see:

    “It’s not like I don’t want you to *war*, but I prepared them for Muramasa, so I don’t think they will suit you.” (I think the right word is “wear”, right?)

    “Amazing Emily! Totally right! Yes, something did *happened*. Right, Masamune?” (I think it’s “something did happen”, correct me if i’m wrong).

    Since ‘tape’ was originally stored in white box, it gained its name from here. Now, it was mostly used to store *DVD thought*. (“though”)

    His tall, thin body covered in black coat made him *looked* bigger. (“look”)

    “Ah? That? Yes, I *planed* to give it to my little sister.” (“planned”)

    It couldn’t be that she hated my present, right? *Isn’t* she have a sock fetish? (The word “doesn’t” fits better i think).

    Thank you for uploading!


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