EroSS-Volume 7- Index

Volume 7 will be posted here in the future

Chapter 1 is done. Check it out here

EroSS-Volume 7-Chapter 1

Special thanks to Dubious Maximus, Daniel Mendoza and Buse İpek 

EroSS-Volume 7-Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is done, thanks to Dubious

Btw, I doubt any of you could remember the “Neo Tiger” shoot, but seeing such an old reference really brought back memories. I was like, 6-7 at that time I read Captain Tsubasa :3



EroSS-Volume 6- Index

First thing first – I apologize for the delay. This chapter was done nearly a month ago, but proofchecking took longer than expected. Well, without anymore waiting, here come the first chapter of volume 6.

PS: I can honestly said I’m impressived with Kyouka’s effort in this chapter. Spoil your brother’s kid is one thing, went as far as she did is another.

Chapter 1 EroSS-Volume 6 Chapter 1

Chapter 2 EroSS-Volume 6 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is here everyone. Thank you all for your patient

Btw: the word on Masamune’s forehead read “Shisukon.” Three guess what does that mean :))


Chapter 3 EroSS-Volume 6-Chapter 3

Sorry for the delay. It took longer than expected, partly because last month was so busy for me (and partly because I finally got Persona 5), but here is chapter 3. I’m sure that you guys already knew, but the anime of Eromanga-sensei is already out, and Elf is awesome – in my opinion, even better than the imouto this time . This chapter is solely focus on her, so enjoy it to your heart’s content.


Chapter 4 EroSS-Volume 6-Chapter 4

Here is the Epilogue and the Afterwords

EroSS-Volume 6-Epilogue

EroSS-Volume 6-Afterword

With this, Volume 6 is over. Thank you all for your support!

And lastly, the next volume will be delayed a bit. The sad truth is my current volume 7 rar is corrupted beyond repair, so I’m stuck without a Japanese source. I’m trying to reach someone online to see if I could get it again (without success till now). If there is anyone who have this raw, I’d ask to have a copy, thank you very much!



First blog post

Hello everyone, it’s Chaos0205. I finally manage to get a blog online, which I will use to update post regarding the Japanese Light novel: Eromanga-sensei by Fushimi Tsukasa, illustrator Kanzaki Hiro.

I will begin by uploading volume 5. Volume 1 to 4 will be uploaded later, so don’t worry. If there is any question, don’t hestitate to message me at or via my facebook accounts.

Lastly, thank you for being patient with me 🙂