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===Light novel writer 01 status: By Yamada Elf===

Penname: Izumi Masamune


Age: 15

Blood type: A

Specialized genre: School supernatural battle

Writing equipment: Let’s note.

Skills :

Rank A Speed Star(Hyper speed Writing) Level 7

Can write a novel at super-fast speeds.

Memo: He’s the light novel author that lives next door to me. Although his novel isn’t any good at the moment, he looks promising.

As soon as he called upon his siscon power, he changed into someone different. Since he loves his little sister too much, this causes him to have a one-track mindset.

If he could notice other girls (like the beautiful girl next door), maybe something good could happen!

BP: 220,000

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===Light novel writer 02 status: By Yamada Elf===

Penname: Yamada Elf


Age: 14

Blood type:?

Specialized genre: Light fantasy

Ecchi romantic comedy.

Adventures in another world

Writing equipment: Macbook


Rank B Summon Darkness(Summon Manuscript) Level 1

Can summon a finished manuscript from the Netherworld

Requires the deadline to already have passed.

There are many restrictions on how to replenish the user’s mana after use.

B rank  God Eye (Eye of God): Level Max

Allow the user to see through the true nature of a novel with a glance

B Rank Dark Force (Dark Outfit): Level 1

Gains a mental barrier when multiple works became famous.

Reduces mental damage by 10% when a work is criticized.

A bit of a twist, yeah.

Memo: A super cute famous female novelist who’ll rescue the light novel industry from the darkness.

In the near future, she will become the best, her current self is just a small step.

BP: 2,200,000

===Light novel writer 03 status: By Yamada Elf===

Penname: Senjyu Muramasa



Blood type: 0

Specialized genre: school supernatural battle

Writing equipment: student notebook.


Rank A  Chaos Bind (Curse):

Bind the readers

Bind the target

Bind the caster

Rank A Soul Sacrifire(Wholeheartedly) Level Max

Forgets everything else

Writes a novel with her life

S Rank  Dark Force (Dark Outfit): Level Max

Totally negates every attack aside from light-based power.

Double damage from light based attack.

Rank A Lunatic Eye (Eyes of a Mad God) Level Max

Allows the user to learn anything that they experience once.

Rank A Speed Star(Hyperspeed Writing) Level 1

Can write a novel at a super-fast speed.

Rank A Vorpal Strike( Deadly Strike) Level 1

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Rank A  Real Freeze(A single dream) Level Max

? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Memo: The nemesis of Izumi Masamune!

I personally think that she’s someone who looks down on everyone else.

Somehow, she’s become interested in Masamune!

BP: 14,500,000

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